Help us


If you want to help, or even join our project, you can do so through any of the following ways:

Donating money

Being completely independent as well as not having any governmental or institutional funding, we rely entirely on the solidarity of the people. Click on the button below if you want to donate through Paypal. You can also make a transfer straight to Musikarama’s bank account:

IBAN: ES81 1491 0001 2230 0008 8900

Many thanks!. Your help will allow us deploy and carry on with the project. Please do contact us at in case you have any questions or concern.

Donating instruments

We are in constant need of music instruments. Should you have any spare, second hand, or even new instruments (any of them would be helpful!), regardless of the kind or musical style, please do send us an e-mail and we will then arrange the pickup. Other than instruments, we would also need other musical equipment, such as scores, spare pieces, audio equipment, etc. .


We would love to have you onboard, please do contact us if you are available to spend some time with us in Athens (there is no minimum or maximum stay, but the longer the better for everyone!), and if you fit into any of these profiles or backgrounds:

  • Musicians and music teachers.
  • Music therapists.
  • Community manager (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Website)
  • Grant writers (fundraising)
  • Translators Arabic/Farsi to English or Greek.
  • Psychologists and social workers.

We will offer transport to/from the airport and within Athens, as well as will cover some daily expenses.


If you can not help through any of the mentioned ways, we would much appreciate if you can simply share our project in social media, with your friends, or in any other way you might find helpful!. This is a living project, therefore any new ideas, suggestions, or constructive criticism are more than welcome, so please do let us know at

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