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Our vision is to replicate our project in other countries. In order to reach this, we are also working with other similar organizations and individuals towards the creation of an international coalition of musical projects for the migrant and refugee community. So far, our main partners are:


Jafra Foundation: Jafra Foundation works to ease human suffering for all living in crisis, strives to uplift and empower the Palestinian community in Syria, vis-à-vis a youth driven and community development approach. In Greece, in early 2016, Jafra volunteers found themselves blocked in Idomeni camp on the Macedonian/Greek border. Having experience in working with youths, through capacity development, and children, through education and psychosocial support, the six volunteers initiated a “Refugee to Refugee” support network.

Redomi: Spanish based network of musical organizations, with projects in Spain, Latin America and Africa.  Redomi uses music as the tool for social change

Share A Coffee For is a solidarity initiative aimed at raising funds for social projects with one simple gesture: donating your virtual solidarity coffee.

International Sports and Music Project: The International Sports and Music Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to increase access to sports and music programming in shelters, refugee camps, orphanages, and vulnerable communities around the world as a means of bolstering positive mental health.

ECHO Library: Since May, 2017, the mobile library has relocated to Athens, visiting sites throughout the city, and the camps where services are few. Our aim in setting up these libraries is to nurture a space of learning and creativity, a place to cultivate the mind - that one part of us that can never be held captive. It is a place where goals and ambition can be worked towards, regardless of the grim reality of the present.

Lyrics of Sada is an international sonic journey of storytelling and cultural exchange through original music led by refugee musicians and supported by artists from around the globe.

The Syrian Greek Youth Forum is a group of Syrian and Greek youth who are a mix of Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Second Generation Syrians and Greek Nationals. We came together in 2018 after realising the importance and value of acting as a community, particularly building projects by the community for the community.

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Musikarama is a completely independent organization which only exists thanks to the solidarity of many people who do care and do want a better future for refugees and migrants. We are open to new partners and collaborations, so please do let us know if you want to join us!

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