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Bella Ciao @Lesvos

We have mixed feelings after some intense and emotive days in Lesvos (September 2019), bringing music and our support to the people in Moria, as well as remembering all those who died on the sea. Last sunday, while we were leaving the island, we were receiving the news of the fire and the riots there. These hard news mixed up with all the memories from the past few days..

After having witnessed it first hand, we feel obliged to denounce the horrifying situation in which more than 13.000 people are trapped. For thousands of people, many of them newborn babies and kids, not even the most basic needs are covered there. People risk their lives to escape war and horror, to end up in a prison like Moria. Waiting, waiting, waiting and suffering, awaiting -again- a better future for them and their families.

On the other hand, the past few days have also reinforced our conviction in the power of music, as well as of the solidarity and struggle from many individuals around the world. We gathered with other amazing musicians brought together by our friends from Welcome to Europe, using music to bring some relief and hope to the people in Moria. The improvised music gatherings in the camp, ending up in an spontaneous march, with hundreds joining to sing and feel free for a while, the concerts held in Mitilini… these moments are also highly needed there. We could totally feel it, and we got the feedback from plenty of people in need for moments like these, showing them that there’s a lot of people out there to support them.

Despite our doubts about how appropiate it is right now to add music to this post, we believe this anthem of freedom and resistance represent our determination to keep struggling all together, even in the hardest moments. We played ‘Bella ciao’ some days ago for the people of Moria, and we want to keep doing our best to use music as a tool for freedom, resistance and dignity.


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