Our project is based mainly on our space in the center of Athens (open in maps). This is where we develop most of our activities.

Our activities are also being replicated in other social centres, refugee camps and squats, since some of them have already been contacted and are willing to host such programs. All the resources obtained through private donations are directed to facilitate the means for the following three lines of intervention:

Musikarama’s main objective is to bring moments of serenity and joy that will contribute to the path to resilience and alleviate the traumas of refugees and migrants, especially for children. These lessons take place every week, and they are directed by professional music teachers with experience in music therapy, who are also assisted regularly by other volunteers and musicians. As of January 2020, we regularly host guitar and piano lessons, music sessions with children (6 to 12 y/o), DJ Workshop, Syryan&Greek dance lessons and a women’s choir.

We create a space of relief and liberation from anxiety, trauma, and other day to day issues, where musical, vocal and corporal expression aim at bringing calm and the smile of the participants, while always developing skills such as concentration, memory and expression of feelings.

We want to contribute to the integration of refugees in the local community through the exchange of different musical and cultural heritages.  There are rehearsals conducted on a regular basis, and are comprised of musicians from the refugee and migrant community, together with Greek and other international artists.

Our role is to be facilitators of a space in which refugees and migrants can express themselves and also show their talent and creativeness, avoiding feeling excluded or disconnected from society. With these meetings, we want to give musicians the opportunity to create their own bands.

This aspect of the project will have two main outcomes:

  • Bringing music to audiences with little access to it. It will be achieved by conducting regular rehearsals and eventually performances in different centres hosting refugees and migrants (such as squats or refugee camps), as well as in local hospitals, mental health institutions and other social centres and immigrant communities.
  • We want musicians to be able to create, play and share their art with others, making their situation more visible.

We also help organize music workshops on a wide range of instruments and music styles, being the instruments obtained through donations and solidarity. These workshops are conducted on a voluntary basis by local and international musicians, and evaluated on a case-by-case basis, according to its suitability to the project. It serves as a window to other music of the world, while enriching the artistic component of our project.

Targeting both children and adults, all activities of our program are designed and implemented taking into consideration the different cultural backgrounds and groups of age, but with no discrimination in terms of gender, religion or nationality.

As mentioned, there is also a strong component within our project of visibility of the current refugee and migrant situation. This is sought to be achieved mainly by the musical outcome of the advanced group and their performances.

In addition to this, all the development of the activities are regularly published on our social media, in line not only with the aforementioned visibility but also with our commitment to transparency.



Music is a universal language, and we believe in its power as a tool for the integration of people.


Through our different activities, as well as future performances, we are aiming at making this issue more visible.


It is vital for us to make the activites as entertaining and fun as possible, let’s enjoy the music!

Our Team

Iñaki Goicoechea Cuenda

Project Coordinator

Pierre Rey

Logistics Coordinator

Fernando Fernández Sánchez

Technology & Media Manager

Javier Pérez Cádiz

Web Developer