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Our project is based mainly on our space in the center of Athens (Valsamonos 1). This is where we develop most of our activities.

Our activities take place and other social centres, refugee camps and squats as we come in contact with them and is willing to host such programs. All resources acquired through our campaign, used to facilitate the means for the following three lines of intervention: the main g

oal of Musikarama is to bring moments of peace and joy that will contribute to the strengthening of creativity of refugees and immigrants by helping them to overcome the trymata that have arisen, especially with regard to children. These courses are held two or more days a week by a group of musicians and volunteers.

We are interested in creating an area of relief and release from stress, trauma and the daily problems with tools the music, singing and physical expression. To create the right conditions for creativity and contribute to the tranquility and the smile of the participants, helping them to develop skills such as concentration, the harmony and the expression of emotion. We want to

contribute to the integration of refugees into the local community and the exchange of cultural heritage. This is why we create a band of musicians from different nationalities, immigrants, refugees and locals. Already conducted rehearsals on a regular basis.

Our goal is to create a place where refugees and migrants can express themselves and show their talent and their creativity, overcoming feelings of exclusion and disconnection from society as a whole. With these appointments, we want to give the musicians the opportunity to create their own bands.

With this we want to achieve:

• To give performances to audiences who do not now have access to fun. After regular rehearsals will be able to give performances in centers that host refugees and migrants (such as squats or refugee camps), as well as in local hospitals, mental health institutions and other social centres and communities immigrants.
• Want musicians to be able to create, play and share their art with others, making their status more visible.

We will use the money that we receive through fundraising campaigns to offer them financial support on issues related to this activity (e.g. transportation or meals), but also for other important needs, such as the cost of their applications for asylum or to provide them with sim cards to communicate with their families. We org

anize music workshops with a wide range of instruments and forms music, through solidarity. These workshops will be conducted on a voluntary basis from local and international musicians and are evaluate

d on a case by case basis. Aiming for both kids and adults, all programme activities are designed and implemented taking account of different cultural backgrounds and age groups, but without discrimination with regard to sex, religion or nationality.

As we have already mentioned, we are interested in portraying the situation of refugees and migrants. What we want to achieve the results and performances of musical groups.

Because of this but also of our commitment to transparency, our activities will be published regularly in social media

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