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Musikarama’s Trip: 1st part

We started off our trip in Madrid, where a big group of good friends joined together to say goodbye and wish us well for the trip. Just before our departure, an improvised -and fun- concert let us know that the music would be present along our way. We cannot think of a better way to start the trip…

Some hours later we arrived in Barcelone and, totally without expecting it, the music showed up again. Two guitars, a cajon and our voices made us join together for hours with a group of international friends (Palestine, Switzerland, Ireland, Mexico, Greece) to spend quite a special night together. Apart from the love and support they showed us when we shared our project with them, a few people also wished they could join us on our way to Greece.

When we were about to hit the road again, a mechanical problem with the van forced us to stop. It made us learn some mechanics while also discovering quite a few garages in Barcelona. Luckily enough, and after hours of search, we found a garage which repaired the van, allowing us to carry on with our trip. It is even in situations like this one when we have felt the support of people who, despite being total strangers, were touched when we share with them the purpose of our trip.

Finally, having overcome the first difficulties and full of beautiful memories, moments and people that we will never forget, we crossed the Pyrenees to get to France. There we enjoyed some family reunions where the music appeared again. This time through the keys of an old French piano and a beautiful Spanish guitar.

We continue our journey from Montpellier to Nice, where we find out that any place is good for music. This time, in a driving school where, again, we fond again a piano and our already well-known guitar improvising together nice blues melodies. This driving school teacher – and amateur pianist – not only left us amazed with his piano skills but also donated us a djembe which joined the rest of Musikarama’s nomadic orchestra.

On the next day we left Nice to hit the road again for the longest stage of our journey, driving across Italy to reach Ljubljana, Slovenia, in a single day, completing half of our journey. Already in the Balkan lands, after a long and exhausting journey and despite the fatigue and some setbacks, the encouragement and support of everybody gave us strength to continue and carry out our mission. Bringing joy and music to the people who need it…

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