Highlights of 2018

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It’s not easy to sum up a whole year in only 10 photos (plus music from our band!) and some paragraphs , but this will give you a glimpse of what we’ve done throughout 2018. We’re proud to say that, despite challenges and difficulties, Musikarama is more alive than ever!!

To begin with our educational side, up until the summer break we had our weekly music sessions with lovely kids from a wide range of backgrounds. From July on we have organised weekly guitar lessons in one of the camps. In addition, we have also organized some music workshops together with other organisations or amazing volunteers…

As for our band, we have had over twenty performances in different places around Athens, as well as we were invited to play in festivals in Tinos and Leros islands. However, more important than that is the sense of family we have managed to build ourselves, helping one another and of course always trying to serve as a positive reference for the whole community.

We thank again everyone for making our project possible, from friends and other volunteers, partner organisations and collaborators, and of course all the amazing people we’re meeting along the way. We’re open to new ideas and collaborations, and, being a totally volunteer and independemt project, we would also appreciate your support (click on ‘Donate’ or send your spare coins to Musikarama’s account: ES81 1491 0001 2230 0008 8900).

We’ll keep working hard in 2019 to spread our positive energy to more people, and to achieve new beautiful goals (album, concerts/tours, new music activities,etc.), and we wish everyone a year full of freedom, dignity and music!!  

MusikaramaHighlights of 2018

Musikarama’s choir workshop at Khora

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Last week our singing teacher, Lydia Theochari, in collaboration with Becka Wolfe, organised and animated a Choir Workshop at Khora. The workshop lasted for a week, one session a day. It took place within the Workshops’ week which was organised by Khora -and open to everyone- from the 5th to the 9th of february. The purpose was to make the participants connect with themselves and others through their voices and sounds.
Our workshop consisted in breathing and stretching exercises, as well as in singing together “simple” songs (from Greece to Norway!), using different singing techniques. The workshop was a success, and as it reached its end, one of the participants told us that, even if we were to organize it on the moon, he would come again!. Musikarama is therefore proud to announce that it will organize the first moon-based choir workshop ever by 2030!
Below, you can see a video and some pictures of the closing session of the workshop!

MusikaramaMusikarama’s choir workshop at Khora

Musikarama’s rehearsal at Jafra Foundation

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In the last couple of weeks, three of the members of our band left -from one day to the other- to different European countries. We are very happy for them to continue their journey, and truly hope this will bring them closer to happiness 🙂 . Nevertheless the band keeps working to overcome these challenges, and here are some pictures of our last rehearsal, this time at مؤسسة جفرا في اليونان/Jafra foundation in Greece (soon more news on this new collaboration!).

MusikaramaMusikarama’s rehearsal at Jafra Foundation